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Trusted by podcasters from all over the Fediverse*

*ensemble of federated publishing solutions for a decentralized social network

A new way to making podcasts

Crafted by podcast lovers…

“Podcasting 2.0” features

Offer new & innovative features to your audience: content geolocation, manage persons, transcription and subtitles, chapters…

Integrated social network

Talk to your audience through the fediverse - a decentralized social network - and connect to millions of users all over the world.

Hosted on our servers

We provide you with your own Castopod instance and take care of all upgrades so you only get to care about creating!

Unlimited… everything!

No worries about us limiting your creativity. Castopod allows you to manage as many podcasts, episodes and users as you’d like!

Worldwide content delivery

Unlimited broadcast from anywhere in the world, on any platform! Bonus: All plans offer a number of free lightning-fast downloads, ensuring the best possible listener experience.

Bring your own domain

Your choice, free of charge! You may bring your own domain as we recommend or use a free * subdomain if you prefer!

Complete reversibility

You keep control! Castopod is open-source, meaning that you are free to recover all of your data at any time and host your podcasts wherever you wish!

…for podcast enthusiasts

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Billed monthly

14 days trial

Subscribe to Starter


  • 5 GB of storage (around 50 episodes of 1 hr, or 200 episodes of 15 mins)
  • Unlimited worldwide broadcasting (with lightning-fast delivery up to 250 GB per month via CDN)



Billed monthly

14 days trial

Subscribe to Podcaster


  • 100 GB of storage (around 1,000 episodes of 1 hr, or 4,000 episodes of 15 mins)
  • Unlimited worldwide broadcasting (with lightning-fast delivery up to 1,000 GB per month via CDN)



Billed monthly

14 days trial

Subscribe to Network


  • 500 GB of storage (around 5,000 episodes of 1 hr, or 20,000 episodes of 15 mins)
  • Unlimited worldwide broadcasting (with lightning-fast delivery up to 5,000 GB per month via CDN)

Additional storage costs €0.06/month per GB. See terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Can I switch to a different plan once I’ve completed the purchase?
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to switch between plans and adjust your payment schedule to adapt to your changing needs as you grow.
I already have a self-hosted Castopod, can I migrate to your plans?
We know self-hosting can sometimes be time consuming and we would be happy to alleviate you of any maintenance. Feel free to contact us! We will help you safely migrate your podcasts.
What happens if I want to cancel my subscription and manage my own Castopod?
No problem at all! Upon cancellation, we hand you a dump of all your data (media files and database records) so that you can start your self-hosted instance from where you left off.
You’re recommending I bring my own domain. Why should i do that?
For two reasons mainly. First, search engines index your content based on your domain name as you build your reputation. And secondly, migrating your podcasts to any other host will feel seamless for you and your listeners!